Construction Area

Since the construction completion, construction will carry the use mission of more than half a century,
only has the excellent and reliable building materials, relying on advanced construction
installation technology and perfect management system can achieve art architecture.

Shinecarry has been concentrating in the field of architecture for nearly a decade, from involving in the construction field from building energy efficiency. From the exterior wall engineering to the roof waterproof engineering to ground engineering, Shinecarry people introduced a multiple world excellent building materials and products from abroad, cost-effective building product and a series of satisfactory project got more and more recognition and trust from customers with acclaim in the industry.

There will be still a long way to go,Shinecarry people will do great efforts to make achievement, to progress on the road to became the first boutique star construction enterprise in Zhongyuan!


Recently, China's manufacturing has beendeveloping at a high speed,the stable quality and competitive price have made the stability of the made-in-China in the international market share growing. Shinecarry commits to the integration of manufacturing resources and logistics resources bytaking use of professional experience in technology and product. We provide international customers with optimal choice of material supply, installation, processing and OEM production quality management services, to help customers to get stronger market competitiveness.

Civil Field

Shinecarry—support the urbanism value with the material foundationShinecarry will be a tool or channel, make people from the place where you are to where you want to.

Live a more than desultory life, open arms to poems and distant lands.

selecting the good quality product, setting the rules, deep to the production source, starting with the tracking of raw materials, optimizing supply chain to the user, to build safe, healthy and economic supply chain of the people's livelihood.