Star Employees

The best working environment is with a group of super great colleagues, Shinecarry treasures the colleagues having the following behaviors and skills:

Welfare & Treatment

Red / Yellow Card

The Red CARD Behavior

The following are the prohibited behaviors in Shinecarry, once occurred, resign immediately and unconditionally. Any report is effective, suspended without pay to verify the facts once reported.

  • *  The behaviors not consistent with the interests of enterprises.
  • *  The behaviors detrimental to the corporate reputation.
  • *  The behaviors violating the working principle of "mutual recognition, mutual respect, mutual support".

The Yellow CARD Behavior

The following are abandoned behaviors in Shinecarry, yellow card warning once. For the first time, a yellow card warning will be issued internally by the administrative department, the person who does not obey will resign unconditionally if denying the fact. Second similar incidents occurred, leave immediately and unconditionally.

  • *  Not honest, deceitful behavior.
  • *  The behavior of complaining and releasing negative energy.
  • *  The behaviors that not solving the problem actively, to avoid or shirk responsibility.