Responsibility Report

Create more helpful values for the world, for the society and for the customers.

Shinecarry means the fundamental element of the light, it named that ” Shinecarry brings joyful shine to the world!”. Therefore, we are concerning the whole world and pursuing to create more and more helpful values for the world, for the society and for the customers.

Since our establishment, Shinecarry has successfully involved in international & domestic business, OEM and construction industry, and also expanded the e-commerence business. Shinecarry aims to be the preferred partner in the worldwide, the initiator of advanced products, the founder of advanced services and the promoter of the global optimization. So Shinecarry’s people have been working together to constantly improve ourselves, to continuously pursue new value and goals, to keep reflection, improvement and innovation.The existence of Shinecarry means "What can we give to the public, to the customer? Any more what we can give?" "Giving" is the existence spirit and value of Shinecarry. Shinecarry’s all behaviors, speeches, decisions should come from this intention, Shinecarry people should often follow the development trend, to meet the changes with an open mind and

to make our characters to be the advantage and strength. Integrate the advanced technology, be in the strict attitude to establish and improve the product quality, technical standards and service quality control system with the times. With a strict attitude to establish and improve the simultaneous development of the risk control system and cost control system to ensure the development of enterprises.

To satisfy customers, to make customer convenient, to make customers pleasant, to make customers surprised


Shinecarry is the company who respect the rules and having sense of responsibility, Shinecarry praises "respect for nature and love for mankind" as company principle, reveres the laws of nature, the social morality, the national law, and the enterprise system. Shinecarry people take the fear of the heart, responsibility, initiative, altruism to selfdiscipline and to give, to be the respected enterprise and people.


Our enterprise culture focuses on improving the team and the staff to achieve excellence.Excellence is, do others what can do, someone else can do what we can do better, faster and more economically. To fully satisfy customers, make customer convenient, make customers pleasant, and make customers surprised.


Excellence comes from Shinecarry’s second to none great efforts; from Shinecarrypeople’s study, accumulation and continuous improvement on professional skill; from Shinecarry people’s strictness on the details, the ability to handle the details and working habits; from the call of our "giving mission" and keep wish to surprise all of our customers constantly.

Continuously improve the happiness of employee

Shinecarry has always been adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, respect and protect the legitimate rights of employees, comply with laws and regulations. Shinecarry has a mature and complete system in employment, staff training and promoting and the related of in the human resource management category, to protect the interests of employees from the system, to promote the development of long-term growth of employees from operation system.